PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial

PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial Free Download

Learn how to use the most popular PHPMVC frameworks and create simple, secure, and faster, best applications.

Last Updated by Edwin Diaz Updated 2/2016 What do I learn in English?

  • Learn how to use CodeIgniter.
  • Learn how to create web applications.
  • Get a new php skill that maximizes revenue.


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Updated March 2016.

The largest CodeGenerator course in UDEMY!

Hands on real life project inside!

Are you sure you want to specialize in dynamic PHP applications and website development?

Then this course will accelerate this process by allowing you to learn how to use the planet's most famous PHP framework "CodeIgniter".

Giving code in PHP or any other language can be a waste of time, especially for common tasks. The best way is to use a framework to implement common tasks, such as:

1. Security.

2. Form validation

3. Database configurations

4. Database Queries (CRUD)

If you want to be the head of competition and receive higher rewards, there is a way to use the framework.

Framework information is required for high-paying jobs, as speed and accuracy are very important to the development team and the company.

Knowing how to use the framework will give you the skills to find a high-paying job, or make the job easier than it is to master it.

My personal experience.

My first job interview required codejoiner knowledge and since I didn't have the skills, I didn't get a job even though I know how to code in PHP.

These jobs start at 75K every year in the United States and it can take a long time in my career, unless I have the skills to get jobs from everywhere.

I designed this course with the intention of providing you with the knowledge that you need to use CodeGenator to build applications quickly and efficiently. I also create this course to help provide you with an excellent skillset that will advance you in your web development career.

Why Code Magnets?

Because PHP is the most popular framework and is in demand for jobs and freelance projects. Who is the target audience?

  • This means for students who want to build dynamic PHP applications and websites faster.
  • This is for students who have basic knowledge of OOP in PHP.
  • This is meant for students who want to improve PHP.
  • This is meant for students who want to improve their careers or seek a better career.